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 We will explore why we are who we are and work to love and heal her so that we can serve from an overflowing cup. We will become accountability partners who begin to thrive on our health and wellness journey so that we live long and set a great example for those around us. We will embrace our sensuality, fully indulge in our bliss and feminine energy. We will set intentions, take action towards our goals, and CELEBRATE as we see our dreams become reality.

Do you wish to look better, feel better and see your dreams come to reality?

As single mothers, we are faced with the dilemma of dedicating time manifesting our dreams into reality or live life one day at a time unsure of our future.

I am currently raising my children independently. Single mothers get a bad rap for being in our position and yes, most times it is our own decisions that have led us to where we are but what are we going to do to change the trajectory of our lives and our children’s lives?


The journey truly begins with SELF mastery.


What is the EAT • SLEEP • MANIFEST 7 Day Challenge?

This 7 Day Challenge is a preview of the 90 Day EAT • SLEEP • MANIFEST Lifestyle Accelerator

– and an introduction to get to know me and my approach to lifestyle transformation before you decide to sign up for the full program.

I created this mini challenge to help you focus on YOU!  We'll affirm and remind ourselves of who the F*k we are. We'll forgive ourselves and hone in on the importance of positive mindset, self love and true happiness, we'll focus on healthy nutrition to feel nourished and energized and dedicate ourselves to 30 minutes of moving daily as our health is truly our wealth. All of these add up to making us feel good mentally and physically so we can optimize our health!

I Will Show You How To:

  • Align your mind with your body by getting clear on what you really want

  • Learn how to move in a way that reconnects you to your body

  • Eliminate fatigue that is preventing you from performing at your highest level

  • Understand how to live powerfully to take control of your body and your life

  • Learn how to apply a holistic approach to your health and well-being

But I know it's not easy. That's why I will be with you every step of the way to help you: nurture a positive attitude within, help you connect as well as take action towards your potential and how you feel about your journey.

But you have to take the first step by joining this free challenge!


Ditch the diet mentality and eat for health with my nutrition tips and exclusive strategies.


Get everything you need to relax and feed your mind with mindset reset tools because the first step in change begins with the mind.


Learn practical manifestation practices to begin to see real results. Also, join us daily within the Eat • Sleep • Manifest Community for Meditation.

What's Included?

Here's what you will receive during the 7 day challenge:

  • Access to the EAT • SLEEP • MANIFEST Wellness Kit worth over $100

  • Opportunity to join a supportive Facebook group of other like-minded doers to keep you motivated

  • Opportunity to ask me any questions you need

  • Access to Dance Fitness Videos

  • Live Wellness Wednesday Coaching Session

Beautiful Nature

Welcome to Eat • Sleep • Manifest, a nurturing haven designed for mothers embarking on a transformative journey back to self. I am Jasmin Swinton, a devoted mother, healer, multipreneur, and enthusiastic advocate of health and wellness. With a mission born from my own experiences and journey, Eat • Sleep • Manifest offers a dedicated community—a safe space where we join hands to achieve self-mastery and embrace our most authentic selves.


Our mission is to empower this community to uncover root causes, embark on healing journeys, and nurture their potential as thriving mothers, partners, and individuals. Together, we'll rediscover the radiant light beings we were before the world's influence took hold. With a strong focus on self-love, accountability, and holistic wellness, we're here to nurture our potential and celebrate each step towards our goals. Let's fully embrace our femininity, take massive action, and watch as our dreams manifest into reality.


In less than 1 hour a day, this challenge will help you shift from “overwhelmed” to a “Full Throttle” mindset. So you can get clear on what you want, overcome fear and limiting beliefs, and start taking aligned actions towards your dream life!


Start your FREE 7 Day EAT • SLEEP • MANIFEST Challenge

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