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You know, they always say that when everyone around you is winning, it means that God is in your neighborhood - but you cannot really relate. It has been from one problem to the other and you feel like everything is working against you, or is it?

"Maybe it is me. I made some mistakes that keep taunting me and I am not sure of what can happen"

You have to start by forgiving yourself. You also have to realize that everyone makes mistakes, it's one of the things that make up this thing called life. What makes us different is our ability to pick ourselves up and start in the right direction.

But I tell you for a fact that not everyone can start in the right direction all by themselves. Everyone actually needs a helping hand. And to so many women who have walked your current path, I have been more than a helping hand - a sister and a true friend and taken them through the process of healing and becoming a better version of themselves and I want the same for you. But first, are you ready to let go of past hurts?

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Can I call you a friend already? But first, are you ready to let go of the past and allow for a new start?

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