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You have invested in relationships that never yielded the type of results you aimed for. You have given so much love and received little to nothing in return. You probably have a few friends or family that try to be there for you but the experiences of the past have broken you, tainted your confidence, and made you feel lonely even in the midst of the crowd.

"I honestly am not still angry about the past but it is so hard living in the present because everything is interconnected"

You are so right, girl! EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED but only what we decide to give our attention to. I know you do not choose to remember or lean on the past. These events come like flashes of images and it brings back so much pain you wish you did not have to feel in the first place. You're not alone! I have been there, felt that.

But I overcame - and that is just one of the most beautiful things about life. I cried when I had to, I screamed when I had to and I fought support when it was extended to me. But the day I made the decision to actually give my "best life" a chance, everything changed for good. I am extending my hand of love and support to you because you do not have to walk this road alone. Is it time for you to start living your best life?

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Hey Sis, Are You Ready To Start Living Your Best Life (inside you'll also get access to your free personal wellness kit worth over $100)?

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